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Shoe Storage by Ikea


Storage, or more accurately, the lack of storage, is an issue we deal with a lot. Ruthanne’s current flat in India has next to no kitchen storage. In fact she had to have a bamboo shelf made to store kitchen items in the living room.


In the loft we have large bedroom closets, although one of them isn’t wide enough for a hanger, and a coat closet by the front door. While I love this feature, it doesn’t offer us enough storage for winter coats, dog accessories, shoes (maybe I have too many pairs), and the other odds and ends that I would like to keep handy. In an effort to better utilize our space, and make room for the vacuum cleaner in this closet we decided to purchase a shoe cabinet from Ikea.


We have enough room in this walkway for the narrow 9” cabinet, and thought it would create the look of a real entry way or foyer, instead of just wasted space at the end of the kitchen. I was also excited to finally have a place for Andy’s wallet that wasn’t my kitchen counter!


So, on a recent trip to Cincinnati to visit my grandparents, we made a quick stop at Ikea and picked up our own ready to assemble Hemnes shoe cabinet. I was pretty happy about our purchase, and couldn’t wait to get it home and put together! Like always, the dachshunds were eager to help/chew on the box.


Of course, being a piece of Ikea furniture, it has 57,000 pieces.


But after carefully examining the picture directions, and about two hours we had this: a half-done piece that was finally starting to look like the picture on the website.


Then we realized we were missing the correct sized wall anchor, and had to make a quick Home Depot run to purchase what we needed. Thankfully they are close and in a short time we had a completed shoe cabinet firmly attached to the wall, and ready to go!


We think it looks great, and are already loving the extra storage we gained.


We do think it needs a mirror above it, so are on the lookout for something that will work without being too expensive. We’ll keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “Shoe Storage by Ikea

  1. What a cool idea. I’m definitely going to keep this piece of furniture in mind. We lack closets and storage too and unfortunately don’t have much room for regular sized storage cabinets. Ikea has such unique solutions for small places. And for displaying garden gnomes!

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