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Temporary Living

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The beauty of a flat is that it indicates that you are living in another culture and having experiences that many consider to be “once in a lifetime.” The downside is that you are living in temporary housing that you may or may not be able to change the essentials on, and aren’t necessarily thrilled about putting your own money into. So, how do you create a home in temporary spaces? After living in 8 apartments and flats, I’ve got a couple ideas to help make your temporary, or not so temporary living situation feel much more like home.

1. Replace ugly light fixtures: This option from Home Depot is just $16.97 and easy enough for anyone to install.

replace lights

{see it here}

2. Add storage: Like Sarabeth’s Ikea shoe cabinet. Or baskets for toy storage (great for dogs or kids!).


3. Buy transitional furniture: This bookcase from World Market started out as a TV stand, then Sarabeth used it for storage when a dresser wouldn’t fit in her bedroom, and now it displays books  in her dining room.


4. Clean: Check out some of our tips for homemade cleaners.


5. Organize: In a small place it’s important to have a place for everything. For example, hang your ironing board on the laundry room door, or use storage boxes under the bed for out of season clothes.


6. Add color and personal touches: Colorful pillows are easy to find, and add life to a living room you can’t paint. CB2 is a great place for colorful accents, and their pillows come with the insert!

CB2 pillow{buy him here}


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