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Mother’s Day Spoiler Alert

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In Louisville I always loved walking into The Paper Source. I always felt inspired to make things, buy pretty things, and spend tons of money! It didn’t hurt that the best ice cream and pie were next door, guaranteeing a perfect summer evening!

Here in the UK we have a store so similar I often wonder, but never so much to actually look it up, if they are in fact one and the same: Paperchase

The UK celebrates Mothers Day in mid-March which I thought would be perfect since it would give me time to get a card sent to the New World well in time for Mothers Day even if I forgot more than once to get it in the post. So, today I headed to my local Paperchase and realized with dread that all the cards are gone, sent back to the suppliers until next year! ugh! So, sorry Mom, or Mum as the cards would have said, your card this year won’t say “Happy Mums Day” but I promise next year to be more on top of things!

(Images taken from source store websites)


One thought on “Mother’s Day Spoiler Alert

  1. How sweet of you to even think of Mother’s Day this far in advance. As your Mum, I totally love you!

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