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Holi hit Evan.

Holi is a Hindu holiday that has something to do with color. All I know is that where we used to live they don’t celebrate Holi, and something about being doused in color has epitomized Indian culture for me. Evan stumbled upon a pre-Holi parade where he got the whole effect! We are still working on getting the stains out of his pants, but the blue residue has finally left his face!

I am glad that Evan got to participate, but I’m also kind of glad I missed it. I think the idea of it was more exciting than the reality of the possibly distressing situation of finding yourself in a crowd of mostly men who are all a little too high-strung! All I care about is that we got some pictures!

Holi | Flats To Lofts

We will be celebrating Easter by spending the night in the airport as we make our way to Nepal! Sarabeth and Andy will surely be enjoying a great Easter lunch after the morning at church, and you will be waiting in eager anticipation for the revealing of the gnome giveaway bright Monday morning. We do hope that you have a great Easter weekend with your families, be they close by or far apart!

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