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Steroid Monday

We got Sydney’s blood work results back on Friday that confirmed that she has developed some sort of auto-immune disease. There are a couple of options out there as to what has contributed to it at this point:

1. A side effect of being so sick a few weeks back – A few weeks back Sydney was incredibly sick with a virus she had picked up either in travel over to the UK or at the kennel where they spent their first week. We’ve been told that since she was so sick, it would not be unheard of for her body to have now overreacted, resulting in an auto-immune issue.

2. She’s from Florida, living in the UK – As the vet was explaining to Evan their thoughts on the test results last Friday, he kept on talking about how rare auto-immune diseases are in cats. He then added, “Now, if she was a dog who was from Florida . . . ” and Evan quickly interjected, “she is a dog from Florida!” The vet had confused Sydney for a cat, but in so doing, we got a second option for my poor puppy. I guess there is some sort of rare disease that they see in dogs that are from Florida in the UK. I would tell you the name, but I don’t know it, or anything about it. The lab is doing blood work to see if that could be it and we should know more by the end of the week. The helpful part of this is that the vet at the lab was a vet in Florida for 14 years, and so should know what she is looking for!

Either way, Sydney has been put on steroids to help her body get back in order. Within 12 hours you could noticeably tell a difference in her energy level. After about 48 hours the bruising started to go away, which makes me feel like something ought to be working. We put her pills in a little peanut butter in with her food twice a day, and she hasn’t given us any trouble with taking them. The steroids do make her thirsty and so we have found it helpful to add a little water to her food to make it easier to eat. As long as we do that, she’ll eat her whole bowl like normal.

And, in other good news, our crate arrives tomorrow which means only one more night on an air mattress! That also means that our new iMac will officially be a part of the family and I can start uploading pictures again. So, stay tuned for a long overdue house touring that will be coming your way.


Sick Again: It’s always lupus

Our poor Sydney is sick again. She hasn’t been sick a day in her life. She’s the constant. Roxy is the one who is always eating stuff (like couch pillows) that she shouldn’t, and then we are dealing with outrageous vet bills because they think the stuffing is lodged somewhere in her intestines. But Syd, no, she just plays with her ball and sleeps on her blanket, perfectly healthy.


Until she met the UK. Our poor Sydney hasn’t been healthy since we got her here. You may remember a few weeks back her issue with a virus that she seemed to pick up at the kennel her first week in country. Well, we cleared that scare for her to break out in red spots 3 days later, followed 2 days later with a spasm-ing back. Having seen Sarabeth’s Pixie go through back surgery last November, we knew it was nothing to play around with. The back has calmed down, but the spots got worse, and so we headed to the vet again yesterday. I’m pretty sure by the end of this there will be a new wing at our local vet in Syd’s honor.

After some initial blood work things don’t look good for our little, up-until-now-always-healthy girl. It may be some sort of autoimmune issue. She goes back in today for a more complete work up and hopefully some answers that are a little more encouraging than yesterday’s!

In case you have dogs, I’ll keep you posted on how this develops. This is what we know so far: bruising on dogs is never good. Red spots (that an internet search may leave you thinking are nothing more than fly bites) may actually be bruises. Bruises on dogs indicate an issue with their blood platelet counts. If it is something connected to an autoimmune disease, the sooner it is caught the more options there are with treatment.

When it rains it pours.


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