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On March 13th we got a phone call for a foster-to-adopt placement – a little three day old boy. Of course we said yes! (Well, Andrew said yes & then called me and said, “Hey, should I fly home from California?”) The  little girl and I frantically got the house picked up and headed out to Target and the mall to pick up a bunch of little blue outfits. After braving a morning in the rain and confused looks from salespeople we made it back home just before nap time and started getting everything washed up so the little boy would have something to wear home from the hospital that afternoon. I had just put the second load into the washing machine when we got the call that this little one no longer needed a home.

So, Andrew stayed in California and I called my sister in London as I started putting all the baby stuff back in the closet.

One week later we got another call – again for a boy, but this time a four month old. We said yes again, but didn’t really believe that he would be coming until the social worker called the next morning and said they were on their way. We didn’t even know his name until he came through he front door. Three weeks later we still don’t know much & have yet to meet his permanent social worker. It’s been crazy trying to get medical history and everything else figured out!

Of course we would love to be able to adopt this little boy, but for now we are just trying to enjoy whatever time we have with him . The two babies are just ten months apart, so we are getting some crazy looks from people when we go out! Our little girl has done a wonderful job adjusting to being a big sister! We are super proud of her. The house is fuller & messier, but the laundry is always done since this sweet boy throws up most of what he eats.

I’m taking both babies to Florida in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see how they react to the beach and pool! I’m not looking forward to the flights though!


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Home Alone

The baby girl and I just survived over a week at home alone. Andrew was away on a business trip for his latest book, and so it was just the four girls at home in KY (the puppies totally count here). We survived, thanks to many FaceTime conversations with Ruthanne and our mom. Although I admit that my house looked like this for most of the time:


Toys and random stuff, like a hanger, everywhere. Even now that Andy is back home we still have a few shirts in the hallway. Someone learned to open both the dresser drawers and the frig this week. Fun times. 🙂 So, in honor of our time home alone, here are a few things I learned:

1. Have an alarm system installed the morning your husband leaves (or sooner). This way you will only freak out a little bit when your dogs start barking like crazy 6 seconds after you get in the shower.

2. Don’t make a big pot of soup…you won’t feel like eating anyway. Knot rolls from Fresh Market will be more than sufficient.

3. Panera stops serving breakfast at 10:30, and you can’t get a bagel sandwich at 10:42, even if you were in line at 10:30….Um, I’m pretty sure that’s a BREAKFAST place!

4. Your sister is always right, so make sure you have ice cream to go with your brownies! You are going to need both when in one day you find out you are getting a baby boy, rush all around town buying all the boy things, and then find out you aren’t getting him after all. Sad day = I need chocolate.

5. Take the baby and puppies on long walks to work off all those brownies. (Especially necessary if you added extra chocolate chips…)

We are so glad to have Andrew home again! He has already taken the pups out and given the little one her bath. 🙂 Sometimes it’s nice having someone else work while you lazily sit on the couch all evening! Next time I’m leaving…. He got to spend yesterday at the beach and I need some sun & sand too! Thankfully I get the warmer waters of the Atlantic.