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1 month with NHS

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1 month. I’ve been sick for a whole month! I don’t typically get colds. It’s even more rare to have the flu or anything that leaves you feeling truly justified in taking a sick day. 

And now I’ve been sick for an entire month…long enough to forget the joy of waking up able to breath and falling asleep without a cough drop in your mouth. I’m starting to finally feel better, though the typical cold symptoms refuse to leave. 

A few weeks ago I was convinced I had strep throat or tonsillitis … Admittedly knowing nothing about the symptoms of either, I was in pain and convinced I was dying. And so, I headed to our local National Healthcare Service, used all the key words that I have equated which the means by which you get antibiotics and waited for the prescription pad to come flying out. What I was told was that my body would eventually fight off anything I had. I wasn’t giving up that easily, but in the end I couldn’t even get an OTC recommendation and my mentioning of honey and lemon was scoffed at!

I’m the first to admit that as Americans we probably over medicate ourselves. After living in India where strong prescription antibiotics are available without any dr input on every street I’m comvinced that any superbugs will come out of India long before America contributes.  All that being said, there has to be a better way! But, I push on waking up congested and falling asleep in a halo of Vicks! 


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