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FullSizeRenderWe aren’t native to Kentucky, but our baby is. I’d be perfectly content to decorate every room in our loft with surfboards & starfish. But since the little one was born here in Kentucky we thought she could use a bit of KY Derby and racehorse history in her room. Last year when Ruthanne and Evan were visiting we took an afternoon and went to the Old Friends Retired Horse Farm. We saw a descendent of Seabiscut and were able to purchase a horseshoe that a racehorse worn at Churchill Downs. I think we spent about $10 on this fun little souvenir (we=Ruthanne and Evan since they were the ones who actually got this for the baby).

For the last (almost) year the horseshoe has been propped up on a picture frame in the baby’s room. It had a little red ribbon tied to it, and while a fun reminder of our trip, it didn’t really match anything else in her room. I wanted to make a couple of changes to her room for her first birthday – basically adding more pink, and replacing most of the green accents with gold to white.


Thanks to a little Anthropologie inspiration, Elmer’s, and a little gold glitter we now have a girlie version of a horseshoe. So, here is my super simple guide for making your very own:

Step 1: Put glue on your horseshoe (I only wanted half of my covered in glitter).


Step 2: Put glitter on the glue & let dry.


See? Super easy and cute! I also glittered a couple of nail heads to use for hanging. I love the way it turned out, and think it makes a fun addition to the room.


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