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“The Connected Child” & Tuna

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This President’s Day my sister is getting a snow storm, and I’m enjoying balmy England at 46 degrees. I finished reading The Connected Child and am pleased. It wasn’t radically different or new, as most things aren’t, but the parenting methods and practical ideas it gave was worth it’s weight. With so much confusion and fear surrounding adoption and parenting a child that has had less than ideal care when they were young, this book was a refresher! It made the hot topics of attachment and sensory issues not only manageable but not intimidating at all! So, like I said before, if you’ve adopted, are considering adopting, or have friends or family in the adoption process, I think the book is worth a read, to settle fears if nothing else!

One interesting discussion towards the end of the book was on the power nutrition plays in the ability of the child to process new information and manage their emotions. I am going to start looking into snack options that I ought to have on hand for little kids to get in the habit of thinking a bit more about what we are eating throughout the day. The book provided two resources when considering food that I wanted to pass along to you.

Are you a fan of tuna? I am! This website lets you check mercury levels for you and your kids specific to the amount of certain types of fish you eat each week. Who knew that albacore tuna is faaar worse for you than chuck light tuna in terms of mercury?

The other site has to do with the age old question of if you should be feeding your kids organic fruits and vegetables and what’s okay to not go organic on.

Hope you find these are helpful as I did for becoming more informed about what I’m feeding my family!

And just to add to my surprise at the English weather and to dispel other rumors about the horrible English weather, I officially have flowers blooming in the front of my house!

English SpringEnglish Spring


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