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Jane Austen’s House

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Every year on Jane Austen’s birthday, December 16th, the house that is now a museum has free entry!


There isn’t much in the ol’ United Kingdom that isn’t going to break the bank, so when I heard free, I knew we had to go! I have to admit, I don’t know much about Jane Austen. It seems very British and womanly to love books like Pride and Prejudice, but if I ever tried to read it, I don’t even remember! I do like the movie, at least the one that came out in 2005 and really liked Becoming Jane which I learned is basically not historically accurate at all, but that’s where my knowledge of Jane Austen ends. Going through the house, I never could really figure out how long she lived there, but I think that was because at the time I didn’t yet know that Becoming Jane was so fictional, and so kept on trying to think about the house through the lens of the movie, which just left me more confused!

What I took away from the day at Jane Austen’s house was that I ought to learn more about British historic celebrities and I want to go back in summer!

IMG_3342 Jane Austen | Flats to Lofts

The area around Jane Austen’s house is quintessential British countryside. But, I don’t do great exploring when I’m freezing! So, a nice walk in the summer would be in order. Why couldn’t she have been born in May?


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