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I’m horrible at waiting. Maybe I’m just impatient. Whatever it is, I don’t wait well. We are yet again waiting. It seems to be the constant state of our life, so you would think I would be better at it than I am. I’m not improving, just getting worse. We are currently looking for a new home, waiting for a USCIS appointment to finish our final paperwork for the adoption, and we are waiting for a referral…that all important referral will tell us if we have boys or girls or one of each and what age they are. There is so much waiting in adoption that I haven’t done a lot of planning. I’ve done of lot of paperwork, a lot of google searches, a lot of grant applications, and a, let’s be honest, obsessive refreshing of my email just in case something comes through…but planning I haven’t done. I have no clue how to decorate a kids room or what toys a 3 year old might want to play with. I realized the other day that kids like to play with toys, drink out of sippy cups, and will need something to make their room feel like home. And so, I’m trying to start planning. Since I’m waiting, I might as well be doing something productive.

During this waiting time, I’ve been trying to prepare, if not physical, than mentally for what adoption will mean for our family and our kids. I’ve been reading through The Connected Child. It was suggested by one of the grants we applied for, and I have to say, it’s been incredibly helpful.

The Connected Child | Flats to Lofts


Once I finish it, I’ll give my overall review, but if you are in the process of adopting, have adopted, are thinking about adopting, or even have friends or family that are/have adopted, I would recommend it! It may not get me one step closer to deciding if I want a colorful/eclectic or Nordic feel in the kids’ rooms, but it is a constant reminder of the beauty of the journey ahead, and on the long days of winter, I need the reminder that goods things are coming!


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