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One Year

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Our baby turns one this week. It’s hard to imagine that last year at this time we were still waiting to be approved to foster-to-adopt in Kentucky (we had been waiting since May), had no idea if we ever would be approved, and would never had guessed that our little girl was being born just miles away at a downtown hospital.


She spent her first three weeks mostly alone in a dark NICU, sick & in constant pain. It’s heartbreaking to think of all the nights she cried alone…

Thankfully this year she is a healthy little girl and has so far escaped any of the complications that often come for babies who have such a rough start. She is climbing on everything – from dog cages to beds to her rocking-elephant. She has also finally learned that jumping headfirst off of the couch isn’t a good idea! She loves our two dachshunds (more than they love her probably) and thinks its great fun to play peek-a-boo with them while they try to nap the afternoon away under a blanket. Speaking of naps…she will only take them if she is being held. Spoiled? Maybe, but we’re okay with it and assume she will be napping just fine by herself before she goes off to college. She loves guacamole & salsa, and never would eat jarred baby food. Basically, she is as perfect as any one year old could be!

She is getting a couple of books, a drum & music set, and a doll for her birthday. We are hoping she is a bit more interested in presents this time around since she didn’t really want anything to do with them at Christmas.


We have made some progress towards adoption over the last few months. In August the goal of her case was officially changed to adoption (!) and we have the next big court date scheduled in just a couple months. We are hoping to have her officially adopted sometime this summer.


The last 11 months have been stressful in so many ways, but it has all been completely worth it!! Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. We love you!



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  1. What a special milestone for you and your baby girl.

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