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Cancelled Trains

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It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally when we are headed north into London on Sundays, the trains are cancelled due to construction or maintenance that is going on at some point along the line. There is always a way into London, but it normally requires a bus ride and changing at a few stations. The few times this has happened, we like it take it as an unavoidable day off, or as I dubbed it last weekend, an official family day.

Cancelled Trains

Our “cancelled train family day” happened to fall perfectly with our 12th star, free Starbucks drink, and so we enjoyed a venti gingerbread latte on the house and had a lovely quiet morning chatting while little British children ran very quietly and respectfully around Starbucks without shoes on. I love the external peace and tranquility of the Brits. They speak more softly than we do and don’t seem to be as rushed or put out by life as busy Americans rushing to and fro. The pace of life isn’t really any slower, but it feels like it is. Maybe it’s the rolling hills or the fog that so often rolls in early and stays late. Whatever it is, I love it. So, in the future, if National Rail sees the need to continue to improve it’s lines on a Sunday morning, I will gladly sip my Starbucks and enjoy a simpler and quieter life, even if just for the morning.


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