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Quick Gift Idea

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I’m sure Pinterest is full of gift ideas for teachers, coaches, etc, but I’m not sure how many gift guides there are for social workers, so I thought I’d share what we are doing this year. We have two different social workers that are assigned to our case – one for the baby and one for us as a foster family. We see each once a month, usually at the same time to keep things simple and help us all stay on the same page. These two women have been such a help to us this year as we became new foster parents & have patiently walked us though this process and answered all of our many questions.

We wanted to give them a small gift to show our appreciation for everything they do. During a quick stop at Target and Trader Joe’s this morning I was able to pick up everything I needed for these under $15 gifts.


I made things easier for myself and created two (almost identical) gifts. Coffee cups + Starbucks gift cards + Trader Joe’s chocolate bars = easy gift giving. I tied the chocolate and gift card together with a bit of gold ribbon, put them inside the cup, wrapped the whole thing in a piece of white tissue paper, and then just put them down into a little gift bag.


To upgrade my cheap gift bags I tied a little Christmas tree ornament on each bag & taped the handles together with a small piece of silver glitter tape. I think they look cute and hope that each of our social workers likes coffee! If not I included a gift receipt for the coffee cup & Starbucks thankfully has options for the non-coffee drinkers!

These were super quick – maybe 45 minutes to put together, including shopping & putting the baby into her carseat three times (which isn’t an easy task with my little one!) So, the next time you need a little gift try the coffee cup/chocolate/gift card option. 🙂 I’ll let you know if they like them after our visit later this week.



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