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adoption is a long road


One of the great things about pregnancy is the finality. From the very beginning, you have an end date. It might be off by a day or two, or even a few weeks, but you know what you are shooting for. You also know that you will be having a baby, not a three-year old! You know that they will wear baby clothes and need baby things.

Adoption is a lot of “I’m not sure”‘s. We aren’t sure when the process will be over, we aren’t sure the ages of our children, or their gender. Adopting from Kyrgyzstan, we aren’t even sure of their ethnicity.

Our paperwork is nearly finished, or so I hear. It seems like things always come up. A forgotten document here or there that we didn’t know about that adds a few days here and there, all of which add to our waiting. In pregnancy, if you forget a doctor’s appointment or a  baby shower, the baby is coming either way. In adoption, each hiccup simply makes the road ahead a bit longer.

We’re complicated. We’ve lived in 7 places in the last three years; 3 states, 4 countries. We make the winding road of adoption a little more winding. What I’m trying to do through it all is wait with hope. Hope that this will one day be over and we will have two more people at our dinner table. Hope that every bump in the road is a necessary one to lead us to the very children that God has for us. Hope that, though I sometimes have my doubts, one day we won’t get any more emails asking for “just one more thing.”

Advent, or the weeks leading up to Christmas, is a time that has been traditionally held as a time of waiting with hope. May all this waiting make me appreciate the coming of Christmas, and this Christmas remind me of the promises fulfilled that just as so many before me, promises are fulfilled to those who waited in hope.


2 thoughts on “adoption is a long road

  1. Thanks for this post. We’re thinking of adopting too and haven’t made the final leap yet but it’s good to hear what someone else is going through!

    • Lyn, it’s a great journey that is made easier when you know others who have walked before you. If you have any questions at all that we might be able to answer, please done hesitate to ask!

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