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IMG_1054Adoption is expensive – at least most adoptions are expensive. One of the hard things about adoption is explaining to friends and family, and maybe even strangers, why it’s so expensive to adopt. It’s sometimes difficult to understand, but it’s a reality, and so we just work harder to over come this obstacle.

Living on a fixed income and working for a non-profit organization means that coming up with many thousands of extra dollars isn’t an easy task for Ruthanne & Evan. So, as you may have seen over the last few days, they are working to creatively raise money by selling really cool t-shirts & coffee. Two things I know most people can appreciate. I wouldn’t want to wake up to a world without coffee!

One other way they are working to fund their adoption is through an Etsy shop. Ruthanne and Evan worked over the last year before they moved to the UK to create a small stockpile of items to sell, including turning old wine bottles into candles. While Ruthanne was unexpectedly here in Louisville in October we spent several evenings after the baby went to bed making headbands. And as cute as they are I can’t keep them all for our little one.

So, check out our shop, and maybe you’ll be able to get some Christmas shopping done before it’s too late and the mall is even more of a madhouse! 100% of¬†each purchase goes to support adoption & orphan care worldwide.


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