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Cyber Monday: Dare the Impossible

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There are a lot of up-hill climbs in life. It seems that many times, as soon as we get our feet under us and the path before us starts to open up, we realize that it isn’t a nice stroll we are on, but an upward climb. I’ve heard that we should teach kids that “can’t” shouldn’t be a part of their vocabulary. They can do what they put their mind to if they work hard enough. Be that true or not, we will all occasionally feel like we are up against something that is simply impossible.

Adoption is one of those things. For most, it’s unknown, and being unknown, carries some fear, doubt, and worry. What will they be like, how will they adjust, will they attach? There’s also the practical side: Will the paperwork never end, we can’t afford this. These all go through my mind from time to time. But whenever they do, I’m reminded that Evan and I are choosing to dare the impossibleAnd you can help!

Adoption Fundraiser: 12/1-10/14


This t-shirt is just as cool as any at Hollister, Gap, or American Eagle tee in my opinion. And it is just as cheap at $22. The difference is that for every t-shirt that is purchased here, 50% of all proceeds go towards making a life changing difference for two orphans. Hollister sales go towards spreading capitalism and gain.

If this style isn’t your cup of tea, there are over 13 different styles and designs to choose from in all sizes. Something else I love about these, is that they aren’t uni-sex which means, ladies, they will actually fit! So, get shopping for yourself and others, and make a difference today!

you can see all the styles by following this link or by checking out my Adoption Pinterest board.

this fundraiser ends 12/10/2014


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