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Shopping with a Purpose: 5 weeks til Christmas

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Just Love Coffee: Adoption FundraisingIf you are like me, I can’t believe it is already mid-November! I haven’t had nearly enough PSLs to feel ready to an Eggnog Latte (which I’ve been informed by Sarabeth are no longer available in the States) and keep have to reminding myself that I ought to be listening to some Christmas music (which reminds me, I ought to turn some on now!) But, ready or out, Christmas will come in 5 short weeks.

I’m not great at planning ahead even though I would be a self-declared planner. I’m particularly bad when it comes to shopping. I often have great ideas months and months in advance only to forget them, and be reminded the day before Christmas or birthdays. I want holidays and birthdays and special occasions to be just that, special. I want them to be memorable and make a difference in our lives, and better yet in someone else’s.

With Christmas comes the reminder that this life isn’t all about what can get, but what I can give because of what I’ve already been given. With Christmas also comes random Christmas parties and people at work who you know you ought to buy something for. There are also the occasional extended family get togethers, and what to do you get for some of these people who you may not know very personally, but need to do something for?

This Christmas, I want to give you the opportunity to give gifts to those you love, and those you simply need to buy for, that will make a difference around the world long after the paper is thrown away.

As I mentioned last week, we are adopting. Even for those who know very little about adoption, what everyone knows is that it is expensive. People say it takes a village to raise a child, well, it takes a small army to bring home an adopted child. The incredible thing about the day and age we live in is that there are people all over the world trying to help people like us do just that.

Where does this and you Christmas shopping list fit together? Over the next few weeks I’m going to be highlighting different ways that you can get some pretty cool gifts for those you love, help orphans and widows and struggling communities around the world, and help us adopt.

So, to start off, I’d like to introduce you to Just Love Coffee. They are coffee roasters based out of Tennessee who have a desire to help those in need around the world, and people like us, seeking to do the same in and through our family. Their coffee is fair trade, organic, and sustainable. A portion of every purchase will directly go to help fund our adoption. If you aren’t in to coffee, they even have paraphernalia for you!

So, get out there and drink coffee to get you through the cold if you are suffering from an early winter like Kentucky, or the dark nights if you are far enough north to sympathize with me and our 4 pm sunset!


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