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Mammoth Cave {with a baby & broken toe}

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Our parents always made a big deal of birthdays – skipping school, whatever we wanted for dinner, and any kind of cake we could think of – and so we had no choice but to make a big deal of Andy’s birthday yesterday.


It was the first birthday we have been really able to celebrate since bringing our little girl home. We actually met her for the first time the day before my birthday in February, and then spent a sleepless night with her in the NICU on my birthday. It was wonderful because we were finally with our little baby, but not much (or any) cake was eaten. Andrew brought be a Starbucks drink late that afternoon, but I don’t think I even ate anything else that day.

So, yesterday Andy took a day off from work, and we spent the day at Mammoth Cave. It’s only about 1.5 hours outside of Louisville, so it was well within the baby-approved travel raduis (a certain baby in the family hates her carseat).

We picked the shortest tour – the Frozen Niagara for two reasons: we weren’t sure how the baby would do on a long underground tour, and I have a broken toe.


{photo – I’m no good at pictures in a cave where flashes aren’t allowed!}

 The baby, of course, did great! She was awake for all of five minutes, cried for maybe 30 seconds, and then passed out in her carrier for the rest of the tour, and the bus ride back to the tour center. And, thankfully, I don’t think I damaged my poor toe any worse. We did less than a fourth mile of walking, and I even managed to trek down (and back up) the optional 45-ish steps.

We both really enjoyed the day, and would love to go back once the baby is a little older, and can maybe walk some of the way herself, and take a longer tour. It was a little bit difficult getting through some of the smaller passages with her in the carrier, but I think that it was easier than just holding her in our arms would have been. She was a bit more protected, and I didn’t have to worry about bumping her head on anything. Or her falling over the rail! We decided to purchase a post card for the baby to commemorate her first trip to a National Park. We wrote the date on the back, and a little info about the day, and we’ll get her a photo album to keep it in – and hopefully add to as she grows up.

After getting home we had dinner, and then enjoyed some chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting between the layers, chocolate ganache on top. Basically a cake that weighs more than our puppy, and probably has enough calories to kill a person. Especially when you add a little homemade  vanilla custard on top.


It was a great day, and I think our first time going and doing something like this as just a family of three. We need to do this more often. Kentucky has so many things to do, but so often we miss out on the things that are closet to us. Next month we have a trip planned to the aquarium in Newport. Babies like fish, right?



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