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Photographic Society

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I have always been an Anglo-file. I think the British sound more proper, and as I’ve said more than once walking down streets with massively old and beautiful homes, I was destined to be unreasonably wealthy (weren’t we all?!) The best part about listening to Brits talk isn’t just the accent, an added bonus; and on a random side note, they typically like our accent as much as we like their’s oddly enough! But, it’s how the Brits say things. Everything is more expressive. Things aren’t nice, they’re lovely. It’s not a good idea, it’s brilliant! Again, I might be biased here, but I find British English makes you feel better about yourself simply because you walk away saying, “why, yes, the joke was quite brilliant if I do say so myself!”

One of my goals for a few years now is to develop in the realm of photo taking. A couple years into marriage, our laptop crashed and we lost a solid year and a half of pictures. Everything from when Roxy was a puppy and virtually the entire time we lived in North Carolina was just gone. Though I like to boast otherwise, I don’t have a great memory. Or, the memories are there, I just am not good at recalling them. I forget things quickly and store them away in my mental “archives”, but unless something brings them to mind, they are lost to me. Pictures, and good friends, serve this function in my life. If it weren’t for pictures, I would forget most of my life.

You never regret taking too many pictures, no matter how bad they might be. I have 2 pictures of Sydney while she was here with us in England. That’s it. I’ll never have another chance to capture her personality that brought much joy and comfort to life. If it wasn’t for pictures like this one, I would never remember this sweet moment.

Sydney | Flats to Lofts
Moments are fleeting, and pictures enable us to capture them for all time. How does this and British English go together? Well, Evan and I have joined a “photographic society.” How classy is that? It’s not just a photo club, it’s a photographic society! We are way out of our league, but are hoping that by this time next year, we will be well advanced in the pictures we take, and might even be on our way to doing what I would love to do with a little side endeavor! If nothing else, every Monday from 8-10, it gives us the chance to get together with 40 of our closest 70+ year old British friends to realize no matter how good we thought that picture was at the beach last summer, we have a lot to learn!

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