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House Tour: Living Room and Ikea Tip

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Here is the living room pre-furniture. I have mentioned IKEA items a few times, so thought I ought to give my opinion on the concept of IKEA furniture as well as a handy tip for putting it together.

IKEA furniture isn’t the greatest quality. Of course, bookshelves from Wal-Mart aren’t either, but for $18, sometimes they are what the situation calls for. I never had IKEA around in the States when I was needing to purchase furniture, and so didn’t give it much thought. When we starting looking at IKEA for ideas in preparation to move here, I still said that I thought their furniture best served for supplemental needs and not key pieces.

Living in the most expensive city in the world (that’s not an actually fact, just my feeling on the matter) puts IKEA in a whole new light. What I didn’t realize before coming here and really wish I had, was that furniture isn’t affordable in the UK. There are second-hand shops that are still WAY out of my price range. And, when you’ve already spent a fortune to move and restock pantries, the last thing you want to do is buy what is way over priced while you are still cursing yourself for not buying it in the States when you knew you should have!

And so enters IKEA. A lot of times, it is the best option for the price. It’s not great quality, and the chances of the same piece still looking good 10 years from now isn’t very likely, but at times, it’s better to buy something for the time being than to live in disarray any longer.

London House Tour | Flats to Lofts


And so, a tip! (or a few)

1. No matter how confident you feel, read and re-read the instructions!
Make sure that everything in the picture matches up perfectly to how you have it laid out on the floor

2. Lay out all of your screws and “tools” like they have them in the instructions 

This will save a ton of time and headache later on

3. Always complete with a friend, or in my case, Evan. 

The instructions can be confusing. It is really helpful to have a second set of eyes to confirm or deny what you think you saw!

So, if IKEA becomes a part of your life, perhaps even a larger part than you would have liked, know that you are in good company. We’ve all been there, or will be there. Thankfully, their furniture looks nice even if it isn’t the best quality in the world.



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