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With the internet back up and running on the computer (sidenote: old houses with plaster walls cause problems with wifi), here is the kitchen.

The kitchen leaves a little something to be desired. It’s a bit small and dark, and the greatest difficulty is the amount of unusable space. Beyond the table below is a door that is unusable that leads to the back garden. It also happens to be the only “wall” in the kitchen that isn’t tiled. And so, with a huge need for additional storage space, we got two picture ledges from ikea, and wa-la! storage for baking sheets! You’ll also notice off to the left in the photo we used an ikea kitchen rail to hang our pots and pans. It has held up beautifully!

London House Tour| Flats to Lofts

I mentioned before, that when dealing with rentals, you need to fix the things you can, and come to grips with what you can’t. This lovely water heater is in the kitchen. Why they spent the money to install a fake cabinet over the piping up top but not the whole unit I’ll never understand. It’s an eyesore. If you look at it too long it makes the whole kitchen feel like a cheap rental. And so, for me, it is best to just not worry about it. I couldn’t come up with a solution that would do anything to distract from it, and so, this is the state it shall remain in. You won’t be able to change everything. But if you change enough to give it your feel, over time, these little eyesores won’t be noticed anymore. It’s also really helpful if you have a sister who is gifted at creative solutions to always unpack for you when you move. I, unfortunately, am missing that this time around, and will certainly seek to amend my ways hence forth!



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  1. The table below the shelves looks really good

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