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Picture Hanger

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Over the last several months I have been slowing rearranging most of the art work on our walls – in part because several of the pictures we had moved to the UK with Ruthanne and Evan. I’m still upset that they took back the yellow polka dot picture that looked so good on my purple wall!

We get a  top of natural light in the Loft, but with winter coming I wanted a way to help brighten up the bedroom. I decided to move a couple of small mirrors that we previously had hanging in the office nook onto the wall opposite the porch doors in our bedroom.


One of them is rather old (the Civil War I think…) and I was able to steal it from my sister when Evan said he didn’t like it. (He has since changed his mind, but I have no intention of giving it back!) I found a neat wooden picture hanger at Target, and thought it would look interesting to have the old mirror hanging from the little knob. The knob was easy to screw into the wall with a drywall anchor, and then I just attached the ribbon to the back of the mirror with some tape – I didn’t want to actually hang the mirror from the ribbon because it is so old, and I was worried it might not hold, so this is more for looks, although I’m sure it is sturdy enough to actually hang a picture from…

Anyway, I like the addition of the pink stripes to this little wall between our closet doors. It adds some color since the frames are all similar, and the photograph is also old. Of course I still need to patch the holes from moving these mirrors into the bedroom, and figure out what to do above the desk, but that can all happen another day. 🙂



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