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HOUSE TOUR: Living Room





The living room is a bit small, and was originally a horrible shade of orange/peach. I have the unfortunate curse of picking out “grey” paint that always ends up more of a soft blue. And so, my walls, which I was hoping would be close to the light grey of Sarabeth’s house, turned out, as always, in a light blue/grey. Alas, it’s better than orange!

This first corner needs some work. I’m thinking about angling the bookcase. Ideally, I would like an ottoman/bench that can sit under the mirror to be pulled out when needed or used as additional seating. The candles on the hearth are eventually going to replace the coal in the fireplace. That is a job that I keep putting off, because I’m not sure what to do with the coal.

London House Tour| Flats to Lofts


The fireplace doesn’t work. The flue (or flu? or flew? not really sure what it should be!) doesn’t close. And so, I’m still needing to figure out some idea to keep the heat in and the cold out this winter. A neighbor suggested shoving a towel up there, but if that’s the best we can come up with, it’s going to be a cold winter!



The windows are great, and get sun in the afternoon which makes it, by far, the warmest part of the house. Confession, I like home decor. The problem is, I have way too much. I read on Apartment Therapy that the best way to make small spaces feel larger is to de-clutter. And so, we didn’t hang all of our pictures or display all of our items in this house. Many are stored under the couch to either be traded out seasonally, or to await a different home.



3 thoughts on “HOUSE TOUR: Living Room

  1. Cutest picture of Roxy ever!!

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