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The hallway, might not be the most exciting place in a house, but for us, it is the first impression of our home, as well as one of the few opportunities to utilize some much-needed storage place.

You may remember from the original pictures, but the hallway was originally a truly awful shade of green, that perfectly matched the green tile.

London House Tour| Flats to Lofts


We had a couple of unique challenges with this hallway:

1. It’s narrow. And since it is narrow, it can feel cramped and cluttered very easily

2. There are 4 doorways off of the hall, so not a lot of options

3. The baseboards are original to the home and are very tall

We tried to add a little bit of light with the mirror that doubles as a coat rack. It’d love to eventually have a hall tree, but with the narrowness of this hallway, felt that it would be a bit imposing.

London House Tour| Flats to Lofts

We also added a little color with the yellow picture, original artwork thanks to Sarabeth! This doubles as a focal point, as it is directly outside of the living room doorway, so it is what you see when you leave the living room.

The shoe cabinet at the end is from IKEA. Sarabeth has the shorter version, and as a little piece of consumer advice, if I did it again, I would buy the shorter one. The taller one is great for added storage, but is an awkward height, especially if you want to place a mirror or picture above it. Our baseboards were too high for it to fit as well, so we added castors to the bottom legs to raise it a few inches to get above that height. It’s not ideal, but seems to be holding well.

The final addition to the hallway is the rug there at the bottom of first the picture. We got it in India and probably paid way too much for it. But, no one has defiled it yet by wearing shoes into the house. I think it adds as an extra reminder to remove shoes, which is an added bonus!


London House Tour| Flats to Lofts

Toys, and basically everything else in life can quickly go from a necessity to a nuisance when they add to the cluttered feeling in a house. These are Roxy’s toys. We keep them in a basket so that she can grab one to play with when she likes, but we have to place to store them to keep them out-of-the-way. This basket sits in the hallway, unnoticed until you hear her banging for her clock which she likes to bark at.


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