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Almost Like a Window Box

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We have a weird little window in the office nook. This passthrough between the living room and bedroom is probably bigger than the actual bedroom and contains the office area for Andrew, the cages for Pix and Primrose, the ac unit & water heater, and the laundry closet. I little bit of everything goes on in here. We are cuttingly without book storage in the room, but are hoping to add a few shelves  to the walls soon. On one wall is this little window:


It’s rather high, so doesn’t need a curtain since no could see in anyway, it doesn’t open, and it’s off centered. Who knows why they didn’t put in a larger window here. This little nook could use some additional light.

I’ve never really known what to do with this window, so have had several little things set up on the sill over the three years we’ve lived here, but they mostly collect dust and fade in the sunlight over the summer months.


Last week I had the idea to fill the window sill with a few little candle holders we have sitting around (not holding candles). With the baby on the verge of crawling, and rolling everywhere these days it didn’t seem smart to have so many candles around. So, I filled these former candle holders (and one spice jar) with a few vines from the pots on the front porch.

With fall quickly coming, these vines will die off, so I thought taking a few clippings would be okay. I’m not sure how long they will last, but if I’m lucky and remember to water them I may be able to replant them next spring.


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