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Sydney We love you, Sydney. You were the perfect little dachshund. Nothing will be the same without you.



3 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. What happened?! I know I don’t know you or Sydney but my heart broke when I read this post. It sounded like she was doing better in the last post. My dachshunds Pinot and Lokie and I send lots of love to you. Sweet Sydney.

  2. Lyn, Thank you so much for your very kind words. Unfortunately, Sydneys platelet count continued to drop while she developed some sort of lesion in her stomach. Because she lost the ability to clot from a bleed, she ended up bleeding internally. We took her to a specialist on Tuesday hoping and, certainly, praying for the best. However, she died on Wednesday morning at 5 am. We buried her that day with her favorite toy (a raquet ball that she always obsessed over) and her green blanket. It was and still is devastating. I will always miss those beautiful green eyes of her and her sweet demeanor. She was one of those dogs that had an effect on everyone she came in contact with. When we went to pick up her up after she died, the doctor even said that all the nurses had fallen in love with her. I can’t tell you how much your empathetic words have impacted me, and I am grateful for that. Give Pinot and Lokie a big hug and treasure them always. I know this blog is not my territory, but I just had to respond to your comments. -Evan (Ruthanne’s husband)

  3. I can’t get the image of Sydney in this picture out of my mind, or the words that were written in this post. Every time I think of Sydney, I hug and kiss Pinot and Lokie til they try to get away. Our thoughts are with you and your family. I know how devastated I would be and know you will miss her so much. Sydney has touched us here in New York.

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