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Sick Again: It’s always lupus


Our poor Sydney is sick again. She hasn’t been sick a day in her life. She’s the constant. Roxy is the one who is always eating stuff (like couch pillows) that she shouldn’t, and then we are dealing with outrageous vet bills because they think the stuffing is lodged somewhere in her intestines. But Syd, no, she just plays with her ball and sleeps on her blanket, perfectly healthy.


Until she met the UK. Our poor Sydney hasn’t been healthy since we got her here. You may remember a few weeks back her issue with a virus that she seemed to pick up at the kennel her first week in country. Well, we cleared that scare for her to break out in red spots 3 days later, followed 2 days later with a spasm-ing back. Having seen Sarabeth’s Pixie go through back surgery last November, we knew it was nothing to play around with. The back has calmed down, but the spots got worse, and so we headed to the vet again yesterday. I’m pretty sure by the end of this there will be a new wing at our local vet in Syd’s honor.

After some initial blood work things don’t look good for our little, up-until-now-always-healthy girl. It may be some sort of autoimmune issue. She goes back in today for a more complete work up and hopefully some answers that are a little more encouraging than yesterday’s!

In case you have dogs, I’ll keep you posted on how this develops. This is what we know so far: bruising on dogs is never good. Red spots (that an internet search may leave you thinking are nothing more than fly bites) may actually be bruises. Bruises on dogs indicate an issue with their blood platelet counts. If it is something connected to an autoimmune disease, the sooner it is caught the more options there are with treatment.

When it rains it pours.


2 thoughts on “Sick Again: It’s always lupus

  1. Aww, poor thing! Hope she is feeling better soon. Dogs are a big part of the family!

  2. Please keep us posted on how Sydney is! I have 2 dachshunds too and know how worried I would be!

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