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This past Sunday we finally made it into the heart of London. It was well worth the wait. I visited London back in high school and forever after said that it was my favorite city. Now, it could have been because it was the first international city I had been too, or the fact that I was 15, but London always held a special place in my heart. Sunday’s trip did not disappoint. I’m sad to say that it may take a few more visits for it to work it’s charm on Evan, but I think we are still off to a good start.

@ buckingham

We had a few “errands” we needed to run, namely, the never-ending task of looking for items for the home. ugh! Our crate arrived in country on Monday, but it will be another week or so before it clears customs. And so we wait, on our ever deflating air mattress.

the london eye

What I’ve learned about English weather (in my 1 month of expertise) is that it is never quite as bad as it seems on the weather report. This past Sunday was supposed to have a high of 70 with thunderstorms. It got up to 73 with a lovely cool breeze so you never got hot and rained for less than 20 minutes which, conveniently, was while we were looking around a shop. I had taken our umbrella, but didn’t end up needing it. It was truly the perfect weather!

big bentrafalgar square

Bagpipe players welcomed us to Trafalgar square, and Big Ben was ringing the hour. If only we hadn’t been 2 hours early for the organ recital at Westminster it would have all been perfectly timed. When we stopped to make sure we were headed in the right direction for Buckingham Palace, the man informed us “there is nothing to see there.” Ridiculous! It’s a palace! There is always something to see. And so, Evan saw the palace and the guards for the first time. We will definitely have to schedule an actual visit on a tour one day, but for starters it worked out well.

And, in case you are planning a shopping visit to London, Camden Market is not the place to go looking for antiques. In fact, unless you love LARGE crowds of eccentric people, don’t go on a Sunday at all!

I do wish we lived a bit closer to the city to be able to more fully enjoy all that London has to offer, but a 30 minute train ride isn’t bad. I would gladly do it just about any day of the week!



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