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Quick, Easy, & Cheap Pillow Covers

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photo_3(1)In 2008 I moved from Florida to Washington State with not much more than my bed, some books, and my VW. My second day there my mom, dad, Andrew, and I went shopping for a couch. I needed something to sit on in the living room of the apartment Andy had found for me to live in until we got married.

No one agreed with me that white was a good idea, or that it would be nice to have a couch and a chair, so we ended up with  a couch and matching love seat in a light brown. They were on sale, and have thankfully help up great over the last 6 years. I have a chair now so I’m happy, although I still wish the couches were white, or maybe light gray.

Anyway, the couches came with four overstuffed pillows in a ridiculous fabric. I put the pillows in the huge walk-in closet (that I still dream about) and later took them to Goodwill (but not before moving them across the country just for the fun of it). Shortly after we got married we found a couple of green pillows on sale at Target, but I have always wanted more. The problem is that nothing I liked was affordable, especially since most pillow covers didn’t come with an insert. But, after realizing that Ikea sells feather inserts for about $6 (for a 20 inch square) I decided to make my own. Finding fabric I liked, and could afford proved to be a challenge.

But, then I saw these napkins from Target! Perfect solution for under $10 for 4. I didn’t want to spend a bunch on these pillows, so I made a pocket style cover for them (so I wouldn’t have to buy zippers, which would have almost doubled the price for each pillow). I bought a couple of yards of cheap white fabric, and some green thread and got to work.

To make the pillow covers I first ironed everything and them cut out two pieces of the white fabric, each 26 x 20 inches. Then I folded each piece in half and ironed it again.


 On one of the back pieces I folded over the top edge about one inch and quickly sewed three lines to hold it in place. I did this because I thought it would make a nice little detail on the back of the pillow, and because sewing a straight line is something I can actually do. 🙂photo_2(2) Then I put the right sides together, with the piece with the extra stitching on the inside, and sewed along the four outside edges. I did a back stitch at each corner, and in the middle of each side there the two white pieces overlapped. This should help the seam stay strong when the pillow is stuffed/unstuffed for washing.

photo_3(1)Each pillow cover only took about 15 minutes to finish, and as soon as I get another 15 minutes during nap time I will finish the last one. I lobe the look of these pillows, and the fact that they were so cheap! My husband said they look like they could be from Crate and Barrel, so I’m happy. Now I just need Saturday to come quickly so I can try them out with a nap of my own!



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