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London: Week 2

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We arrived two weeks ago today. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind going through the basic things that you learn whenever you move to a new place, especially a new country!

1. Where to buy basic items like groceries and household goods. (without a Super Target that  basically has everything a person could need, this can be a complicated matter!)

2. How to get where you need to go

3. The horrible reality of when living out of a suitcase, suitcase elves move every item you are looking for every time you need it

4. Cell phones and banking

5. And then the ever looming and much needed task of making a new place a home.

SydneyWe complicated this list by moving with less than a week’s notice and bringing two dogs with us. The dogs have a list all their own to figure out when moving. Things like:

1. How to get them out of the US and into another country

2. Where to keep them while waiting for our place to be available

3. A new vet

4. New food (because IAMS is at least 3x as expensive here – agh!)

5. New places to walk

Overall, we are still decently pulled together! Our poor Sydney came down horribly sick over the weekend, but thanks to a local recommendation she is at a vet and recovering. Apparently the stress of travel can weaken their immune systems, and she them probably picked up a virus while at the kennel. Lesson learned: try to never put them in a kennel again!

I hope to have pictures soon of our new places and some ideas on taking it from it’s cheap rental feel now (complete with the owner’s belt, lifetime supply of mops, and microwave cookbooks) to a place we can hopefully call home.

HELP NEEDED: The 4th of July has snuck up on me, what with having a sick doggie all weekend, and I’m horribly out of ideas on how to make it special. I was hoping to make our first trip into the city to celebrate our independence from it, but with the cost of these vet bills the $30 train tickets aren’t in the cards. So, I need some great ideas on how to celebrate that are a bit better than weeding the garden . . . which seems very British for such an American holiday!


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