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Moving & Flat Hunting


It’s a little bit like House Hunters International here today – only without the TV crew following us around. We just found out we will be flying out early next week, and that our two pups will have to stay in a kennel until we find permanent housing in London. Not the best news there! So, we are frantically packing and searching the internet for affordable housing.

This looks pretty neat, but is not in the budget!

London - option 1{Hyde Park flat}

This one is probably closer to what we can afford, but we’d have to do something about those yellow walls!

London - option 2

{Beacon Hill flat}

But, for now, the crate we are using to ship all of our worldly possessions should be arriving any minute, so house hunting will have to wait. Hopefully the couch and bed we bought will fit – both in the crate and in whatever flat we end up finding in the coming weeks!


3 thoughts on “Moving & Flat Hunting

  1. All very exciting and a great time to remember that you never know what a day will bring. Better still, God already knows and will lead you along this path also.

  2. I havent been around a bit but I didnt know you were moving…..can you move out of the country when adopting?? how will that work??

    very exciting though….course I am from Kentucky so I will miss hearing about home….

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