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Washi Tape Key Board


Capture 15Our Apple laptop traveled with us to India, and unfortunately didn’t come back the same. It was old, and probably suffering from dirt getting inside where it shouldn’t be. So, one of the things on our pre-move list was to upgrade our computer. After talking with the Apple experts one afternoon we decided to go with a desktop. We are excited about the extras that this brings, and will still be able to use our old laptop for travels throughout Europe.

Since Evan won’t be using the old laptop as much I decided it was a good time to finally try putting washi tape on the key board. Sarabeth once read a review that said this process was difficult and didn’t last, so to start I just did a couple of keys. Thankfully after several weeks of use the tape is still holding strong.

Capture 16

I followed the tutorial from Brit & Co and am really happy with the results so far. I am trying to use colors that go well together, and have started with a yellow and white tape. I wasn’t super exact with cutting my pieces, but once they are on any imperfections seem to blend right in. It probably helps that our computer is solid white, so you may want to measure  more precisely if your key board is darker. An unexpected benefit is that it makes the white look brighter, which is nice since it isn’t as pure of a white anymore.


3 thoughts on “Washi Tape Key Board

  1. Made me smile but I would be too impatient! Pretty!

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