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Vacation and Similac

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the good stuffI spent last week in Florida with our little girl. It was great visiting my parents and spending one last week with Ruthanne before she and Evan ship out to London this summer. I was worried about flying alone with a four month old, but she did great and slept most of the way there and back.

Our pediatrician switched the baby from a ready to eat liquid formula to powder right before our trip. We thought this was great since we could easily make up a bottle on the plane or at the beach.

Unfortunately our little one couldn’t handle the powdered formula. Within a day or so she was refusing to finish her bottles, was fussy, and was having nightly stomach aches. After a couple of days of this and one night of constant crying and pain I switched her back to the liquid formula. I don’t think she has ever been so happy for a bottle. And she was back to her happy self.

not the good stuff

Of course the next day we were talking to my grandmother, a nurse, on the phone, and she said right away that refusing a bottle and the others issues were a sign that the formula was causing problems. Grandma’s know everything (at least mine does). 🙂

So, we are officially back to liquid for good. And, bringing her bottles on the plane wasn’t an issue. Going through security in Ft. Lauderdale was quick – I only had to wait a few minutes for them to check the formula (and they didn’t even have to open the bottles). The only issue I had was when my socks were mistaken for shoes. But, at 5 am I guess that is an easy thing to do.

The moral of the story – call Grandma and don’t just blame the commotion of vacation when your baby cries for several hours a couple of nights in a row.


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