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Old Friends Retired Horse Farm

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I love horses. I’ve only ever been on a horse once, but I loved it. In our fantasy world, Evan and I like to say that when we retire, we want to retire to a farm in Kentucky with retired race horses and an elephant.

Old Friends Retired Horse Farm | Flats to Lofts


This past weekend we headed to Lexington. We have been to Lexington every weekend that we have been in Kentucky this trip, so it has become quite the tradition! This time, we passed the distilleries and went straight for the horses. As we have gotten into horse racing over the past few years (something that is bound to happen when you live so close to a major racetrack), I have hated the reality that so many racehorses aren’t given the opportunity to live to old age. When they are no longer profitable for the owners, they are often sold to slaughterhouses around the world. If we enjoy horses and horse racing, we should also be advocates for the protection of retired race horses. So, out of our desire to see retired race horses that are being cared for, we found ourselves at Old Friends. They have around 80 retired thoroughbred race horses currently on the property, including the last descendants of Seabiscuit and Secretariat.

Old Friends Retired Horse Farm  | Flats to Lofts

This horse, same as the one in the first picture actually played Seabiscuit in the movie. He raced against War Admiral in the epic match race.

Old Friends Retired Horse Farm  | Flats to Lofts

Some of the horses at this farm won millions of dollars for their owners, while others had  virtually no winnings to speak of. One of them won the Belmont, beating out a Triple Crown hopeful, another came in second at the Kentucky Derby. One is even partly owned by Queen Elizabeth who still financially supports the horse, and informed Old Friends upon his arrival, that if she ever wishes to visit, she is to have unrestricted access to her horse.

The tour was $10, and lasted for nearly 3 hours. Well worth the money for the incredible opportunity to see these retired horses and support a great farm that is trying to protect as many horses as they can.

Sarabeth has also mastered the art of taking a baby on tours with large groups of people. The baby slept through most of the tour and didn’t fuss once. Everyone was amazed!

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