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Photo Class

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So, it has been harder to get out and take pictures during our photo class than I would like to admit. Trying to figure out how to shoot well in manual mode is intimidating to say the very least. I know that only practice makes perfect, so more practicing is definitely needed!

A few weeks back at the beginning of the course, we went out one evening, trying to focus on basic elements of composition when taking a picture. All the pictures were to be taken in automatic, but we were to focus on lighting, simplifying the background, focusing in on the story that we are trying to tell with each picture. This is one of my favorites.

Photo Class Photo Shoot | Flats to Lofts


I have others that I really enjoyed the lighting on, but they show the baby’s face, and so, until she is officially my sister’s, we have to hold off on those.

It’s great having my sister to go out with when taking pictures. I feel much less intimidated when I can ask her questions and we can try to figure this out together.

This is our last week in Kentucky before we head back south for a few weeks before the big move. Our time always goes way to quickly up here. We are trying to soak in as much of the bluegrass as we can before we can goodbye again; never something I look forward to.


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