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Happy Easter

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We have a lot to celebrate over the next week: Easter, our Dad’s birthday, and our pup Pixie‘s 5th birthday all fall on the same day this year, our oldest niece turns 14 on Wednesday (and we won’t talk about how old that might be making us feel), and Ruthanne and Evan (along with Roxy & Sydney) will be in KY by Tuesday night(!!!!!).

Plus, it’s our little girl’s first Easter. We are helping out with an Easter egg hunt tomorrow morning and have a new outfit for her to wear on Sunday. I also ordered this bunny teething ring to put in her Easter basket:teething ringAnd, I think we’ll probably dye some eggs. I found this on Pinterest, so we’ll see how neon eggs turn out. I don’t usually have much luck with Easter eggs, but maybe I just haven’t been using the right combination of colors.

Easter eggs

We’ll see how they turn out!




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