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Gnome Shuterfly Book | Flats To LoftsBack when we made our gnome book, we utilized a Shutterfly giveaway of a free 20 page 8×8 book, and ended up only paying $8 for shipping. Not a bad deal. If you aren’t signed up for Shutterfly e-mails, you’re missing out. They do these deals seriously at least once a quarter. I don’t have ideas of how to utilize them all the time, but this month, I did.

I have long loved the idea that I’ve seen on Pinterest of framing old family recipe cards and hanging them as art in the kitchen. I think it is a great way to saving something that really does make up so much of who you are as a family. For us growing up as kids, it was always cookies at Grandma Louise’s house. She always had cookies in the red tupperware box. I’ve since claimed that tupperware as my own simply because of the found memories of it. There is nothing better than her molasses or peanut butter cookies and she always had extras in the freezer.

In our family in particular, much of life is based around food. Seasons of life can be based on what we ate a lot of or new things we wanted to learn. Like bread making last fall, or apple and pumpkin recipes, or berry recipes after we go picking at a local farm. Food and family recipes can create traditions simply by how you use them. When we were really little, our mom used to always make snickerdoodle cookies on Sunday afternoons while everyone slept. We don’t do that much any more since for that past 16 years she has worked virtually every Sunday. But, a few weeks ago, I woke up from a glorious Sunday afternoon nap to fresh snickerdoodles, and nothing could have been more perfect.

It’s not the recipe in and of itself that is so amazing, but often the tradition that you can create, the special memories you can have simply by putting in a little time and effort to make something that is as ordinary as a Sunday afternoon into something that will always be remembered.

So, how does Shutterfly fit into all of this? Sign up for their e-mails, pull out some old family recipes, and make a recipe book. It’s quick and easy, but a great book to hold on to for yourself or give to family to make sure that the old family recipes don’t get lost with time.


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