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Exploring Kentucky

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Ruthanne and Evan are planning one last visit to Kentucky before their big move to London & we have a new baby in the house. These are two pretty good reasons to explore Kentucky a little more this Spring (if Spring ever really does appear – we have snow on the ground once again this morning). I realize our baby is still rather small to enjoy the sights, but we think its important to start her off early. Ruthanne and I grew up visiting historic sites in all the different places we lived and it’s a tradition we want to carry on with our own children. I think it helped us appreciate history and the beauty of the world we live in. Besides, how many people can say they’ve been to Noccalula Falls?

Noccalula Falls{picture}

So, we are making plans to visit at least one horse farm while Ruthanne and Evan are here. We went to Claiborne Farm a couple of years ago and loved it. We got a little history lesson on horse racing in Kentucky, saw some beautiful horses & the place where Secretariat was buried.

Some other fun things we might do (or have already done):

  • visit a distillery ( Woodford Reserve is fun & beautiful, even if you don’t drink bourbon)
  • take a tour of Mammoth Cave (bring a jacket though – once when we were kids our parents stopped here on one of our road trips between Florida and Michigan/Ohio, but we were dressed for summer & jackets were super expensive)
  • nighttime tour of Churchill Downs (we probably won’t do this since it’s right at the baby’s bedtime, but we have down other tours at Churchill Downs and would always love an excuse to go back!)

I think it’s easy to live in a place but never really see/do a lot of interesting things. I hate to look like a tourist, but that doesn’t mean that I should just avoid any and all tourist attractions. I just need to get over it and have fun anyway. 🙂

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