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Don’t Drop the Pacifier!

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Our little girl spent almost four weeks in the hospital before we brought her home. During that time she developed a strong love for a certain type of pacifier – and it’s still the only kind she wants.


We managed to make it home with about seven or eight of these things, but were worried that we would lose them once we started leaving the house with the baby. (At the time I didn’t know you would buy them at Target…)

So I was going to buy a clip for them – but the only ones I could fine were either really ugly or wouldn’t work for this type of pacifier. Thankfully Pinterest exists! I found this Pin:

pacifer clip. Pinterest

You can check out the tutorial online, but it basically uses a suspender clip and some scrap fabric or ribbons and makes a paci clip that will work for any brand. We’ve used the four I made – they took about 10 minutes each – at church and during our recent trip to Ohio and have made it home each time with our pacifier intact. I’d say that makes this project a success! Plus, they were super affordable – I got two sets of suspender clips from the fabric store for about $6 (it would have been even cheaper if I’d remembered my coupon). I did spend another $2 on a thin ribbon, but the fabric and thicker ribbon I already had on hand, so for $8 (about the cost of one clip @ Target) I got four pacifier clips in colors that match all of the little one’s outfits.


One thought on “Don’t Drop the Pacifier!

  1. So love your posts! Very informative & such a sweet baby girl

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