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Packing 2.0: Making a List

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As I mentioned the other day, when we move to London, we are crating our things. As I’ve never crated, I’m trying to cover all of my bases. Since we are packing now and it could easily be 3 months before we see our worldly goods, combined with the fact that some of these goods have already been sitting in storage (aka Mom’s house) for nearly 3 years, I have some legitimate concerns that if something is missing I won’t even realize it.

To help combat these fears, and make myself feel a little more in control of something I have very little control over, I’m making a packing master list. This is what I’m doing:

For every space saver bag or box that I pack I’m making a general list of the things that are in the bag/box. For example, “winter coat, hats, sweaters.” I then label each bag/box with a number. On my word document I have the bags items listed as well as a box to indicate with box/crate it is put into and if it has arrived.

How I picture crating is that they will combine smaller bags and boxes into larger boxes. If things are grouped together when the packers come to crate everything up, I’ll make note of that.

It doesn’t take long, and I just jot down notes as I pack bags. I think it will help me feel a little more in control when the big crating day comes as well as the always stressful unpacking.

If you are a planner like me, make a list. I frees your mind to have one less thing to worry about forgetting. You’ve got enough to try to remember when packing, let alone moving across the world!


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