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Packing Again: Space Saver Bags

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In 1 month we are headed to KY to spend some much needed time with Sarabeth and Andy. That means that although we technically don’t move for 2.5 months, all of our packing needs to be done in just 4 weeks. No easy task for me. Let’s be honest. I over think things. I think about everything that we pack . . . do we really need to keep it, am I sure I won’t need it until I get it back sometime in June/July, are there other things to I need to buy, and on and on. This makes packing difficult, but especially packing in advance.

What I’ve been trying to start with are those things that I (1) know are coming and (2) know I won’t need for a while. So, the natural start was winter clothes (as I have faith that winter will finally be over by the time we reach KY at the end of April). After our winter clothes came extra sheets and blankets, as again, we won’t need these until we get a bed set up, and so are an easy thing to go ahead and pack.

We are sending our stuff ahead of us in a crate, and how our crate works is that you pay based on square feet, not weight. That means that I’m trying to maximize every possible inch.

To help with this, we bought these:

Packing with Space Saver Bags | Flats to LoftsThey are $30 on Amazon and fit an incredible amount of stuff. They are also the cheapest we could find anywhere. I have used 5 of the 15 bags with everything I mentioned above and still have the largest “jumb0” bag that I’m saving for something really big that I’m sure I will forget about until the  last minute!

If you are packing, or even travel a lot, I’m a huge fan of space-saving bags. Beyond saving space, it also keeps things from getting ruined in the move from spills or anything else which is an added bonus.

I know soon I will have to start packing some of my normal clothes. I’m dreading it, because in most clothing decisions I rely solely on the practical reasoning of Sarabeth. So, until a Facetime session is possible I will keep putting off the packing of my clothes and some up with other currently unneeded things that can fit in a bag!



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