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Quilting Time

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When we were getting ready to leave for India, I had the opportunity to learn how to quilt from some sweet retired ladies. And since at that point, a solid 5 years into marriage, I wasn’t sure how to sew on a button, I figured that learning to quilt would really build confidence in the whole sewing endeavor . . . in case it was ever needed it when I was a world away from my crafty mom and sister.

I found the quilting surprisingly easy and incredibly fun and relaxing. So, while we were in India and the Maldives I picked up some local fabrics to bring home to turn into a quilt. Well, we’ve been home for 8 months and I have yet to do anything with the fabric. I have been hesitant to jump into quilt making fearing regret over the design or messing up the limited fabric I have. Since it is now official that we are moving in June, I finally had to take the plunge and start quilting.

After much Pinterest perusing, I decided on this pattern:

Quilting | Flats to Lofts


This pattern calls for 9 different patterned fabrics. I feel like it is versatile no matter what our home decor ends up looking like in London and isn’t so overwhelming that my future children will dread the fact that I expect it to be a cherished heirloom.

I would love to say that I have started sewing, or even cutting the fabric, but I haven’t. Since the fabric is from India and I have no clue how it will bleed, I’ve been soaking the fabric in a water/salt/vinegar concoction that is supposed to set the fabric dye. It seems to be working well, it is just a bit time-consuming. So, the goal is to have all of the fabric “set” this week so work can begin once Mom gets back from a visit to KY to see my Sis and the baby.

PS – I’m eating a Dunkin Donuts coconut donut right now and it is phenomenal! It’s like a normal glazed donut coated in coconut. Try it. It’s good!


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