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London Bound

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London Life | Flats to Lofts


I first visited London when I was 15, nearly as many years ago! It was my first time out of the country (Canada not included) and I fell in love not only with the reality of living life overseas, but with London. Over the past decade or more I’ve been able to travel to many places around the world that most people only dream of. I’ve been in 5 of 7 continents and met incredible people along the way. I’ve seen the tallest building in the world in Dubai and the top of the world in the Himalayan mountains. All the while, London has always been my favorite city. I love the history and culture. I love the simple fact that it is London.

When we began thinking about our time in India ending, we started creating a sort of wish list of our future. You know the kind; “if we could live anywhere. . .,” “if we could do anything . . .”. London was the dream. Not a dream obtainable in any way, but a standard by which to judge all else on.

And, as of 9:30 last night, we are officially moving to London! We have been moving a lot the past few years. Louisville has remained home to us through it all. With the upcoming move to London, I’m hoping to fall in love with it the way I did Louisville. I hope to plant our lives there and live there as long as we possibly can.

The coming months will be filled with more prepping and purging as with a date of the departure and firm location, plans can be at least thought through. There is a lot more going into this move than our move to India. This time we are taking furniture and our dogs. I’m excited and nervous at the same time, but through it all just amazed that as with so many other things, something we had dared not hope for or even dream of is becoming reality.



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