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Foster-to-Adopt: Things We Are Learning


We took the classes to be certified as foster parents in Kentucky in February & March of 2013. We weren’t actually approved as foster parents until February 2014. About five minutes after learning that we were approved we had said ‘yes’ to fostering (to hopefully adopt) a newborn. So, this process has been both crazy fast and frustratingly slow.

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So, here are a few things we have learned (not in any real order):

  • your background checks may get lost – multiple times – and not the ones from the random places you lived for 9 months, but from Kentucky
  • living in a loft isn’t a bad thing – even though several people will tell you you’ll never get approved
  • when you finally get the call there will be a number of social workers involved – one assigned to you, one assigned to the child, an investigative worker, and probably more that I don’t know about, and
  • none of them may have helpful information like: when you can see the baby in the hospital, what the insurance is for doctor’s appointments that have to be made – and it may take a week or more until you start to get any information
  • walking out of the hospital with a baby is a crazy experience, but amazing
  • you will have crazy mixed emotions & may have a slight break down in the hospital hallway after meeting your {foster} child for the first time

We’ve only had our little girl home for two weeks, and there is still a lot we don’t know – and may never know, but that is okay. We are learning as we go and are making progress. Either way, we love her and love having her in our home for now & hopefully forever.

3 thoughts on “Foster-to-Adopt: Things We Are Learning

  1. Love your updates…so wish we lived close together

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  2. I have always wanted to adopt a sibling set out of foster care but at the moment we squeeze 7 of us in to the tiniest 3 bedroom house. We have no money. I always think why try they will never approve us based on income and housing situation, but we certainly have so much love. I love that your house did not mater!

    • We were so worried about the loft (based on several statements saying it would never pass inspection) and almost dropped out of the training classes because we were so disheartened, but in the end our social worked walked in and said there was no issue at all!

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