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New Art

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I have been wanting to change the wall of frames in our living room for a long time. Most of the frames are small, and they are all black. I purchased a couple of wood frames from Target last summer, but haven’t made any changes to the wall yet. Commitment issues I suppose! I think a mix of frames would be the easiest to accomplish without spending too much (because I have some off-white Pottery Barn frames from our wedding).

I could always paint something for the wall, but I think we maybe have too many pictures that I’ve painted – we need more frames.

So, I ordered this:

Califirnia Dreams print. Minted.(buy it here)

It’s the California Dreams print by Alexandra Nazari – a perfect pick since Andrew is from California and I was born there. Plus, the purple and orange in the picture perfectly match the accent colors we have used in the loft. I can’t wait for it to arrive so we can start moving things around on the walls.


One thought on “New Art

  1. Love the simplicity & sentimental value

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