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Roxy & Dog Allergies

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Roxy has been sick the past 2 days. So, there has been a lot of lying around on the couch. . . not that this is abnormal for her or any other dog.

Treating Dog Allergies | Flats to Lofts

I naturally think that Roxy isn’t like most dogs. She’s cuter and definitely smarter. Like Sarabeth says, “she’s too smart for her own good.” Besides these things though, Roxy has allergies and a “weak constitution.” She doesn’t get allergy shots or anything crazy, but spring and fall does find her suffering from seasonal allergies.

So, in case you ever are fortunate to have a dog like Roxy, here are a few ways we deal with her allergies:

1. Benadryl – Our trusted vet has informed us that for her size (roughly 16 lbs) she can take 1/4-1/2 of a regular Benadryl pill to help with allergies. We typically give her Benadryl when her eyes swell and water, when she is sick to help her sleep, or when traveling to help her relax.

2. Regularly cleaning her face – it’s amazing, but simply being diligent to clean her face every day really helps her allergy symptoms!

3. Knowing when to take her to the vet – early on we took Roxy to the vet much more than we do now. We’ve learned that for a lot of things, simply giving her body time to work through something is the best bet.

Above all know that (1) I’m not a vet, (2) I probably shouldn’t be trusted with any medical decision to ever be made (3) I hate blood and am overly queasy at basically everything, so (4) always trust your vet and your instincts with your own pets. Chances are, you’ll know best!

For me, it’s a raining day down here in South Florida, and I don’t mind a little puppy curled up next to me as I try to be productive!



One thought on “Roxy & Dog Allergies

  1. I feel your pain. Our English Bulldog is allergic to almost everything! He takes a lot of care, but he is so darn full of personality and loving that he is worth it.

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