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Surfboard Redo – Stenciling

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When we started redoing the surfboard shelf, I scoured pictures of surfboards in Pinterest for some inspiration. I wanted it to be classic and versatile. We modeled the paint after this board.

PB Surfboard Bookshelf Redo | Flats to Lofts

I also liked the stenciling on this board, and so wanted to try my hand at stenciling on the back of the bookshelf.

Surfboard Stenciling | Flats to Lofts

I bought the stencils in a font we liked at Michael’s, and quickly learned that stenciling is an art. There is an Elmer’s Repositionable Glue Stick that we also got at Michael’s that enables you to reposition paper or, in our case, stencils. It is supposed to give you a “post-it note” type effect. It worked great with the stencil on paper, but couldn’t adhere to the paint.

After several attempts here’s what I learned about stenciling:

1. WINDEX IS YOUR FRIEND – When stenciling on wood, if it doesn’t come out the way you want, you can spray a little windex on the paint and it will wipe off clean, as long as it hasn’t dried yet!

2. Don’t try to get a perfect line – if the edges aren’t perfect you are less likely to have it bleed under the stencil. It also gives it a more natural look.

3. Use less paint, more passes – Don’t have very much paint on your brush. It is better to dab over an area 20-30 times. If there is too much paint, it will bleed every time!

4. Dab Up and Down – Use a stencil dabber and don’t brush like you would with a brush, but use straight up and down motions.

With a little practice on paper, I was able to stencil the board without really any issues. I kept a paper towel with some Windex near by for minor touch ups, but I was incredibly pleased.

On another note, if you just need a little paint, you can get a sample size at Lowe’s or Home Depot for about $3. It is plenty for craft projects without breaking the bank!

(We stenciled Hulhumale, Maldives on the board because we lived there for a few glorious month in 2012)


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