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Winter Flowers

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It’s cold and snowing, again, here in Kentucky. I’m glad only because I really hope all this cold is killing off the stink bugs, but I’m more than ready for some nice weather, green grass, and flowers in my pots!

tulips(2). flats to lofts

Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has tulips on sale right now – I think we paid less than $4 for these pretty pink ones. When we lived in Michigan we had hundreds of tulips growing all over our yard, and then in Washington State I was able to convince my husband that driving up to the tulip fields was a great way to spend a Saturday.

tulips(1). flats to lofts

I’ve tried to grow them here in Kentucky, and had several come up one year, but then the squirrels decided to start eating my plants, so for  now I rely on these from the store. They make me feel like Spring is almost here, even with three inches of snow outside.


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