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Moving Overseas 101

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At some point in the next 6 months we are hoping to move overseas again. The last three years of our life has been full of moving and potential moves, and to be honest, I’m ready to be settled for a while. We got delayed a few more months yesterday, but hopefully by June/July, we will have an apartment with couches and a bed we can call our own. After 3 years without that, I’m ready!

I’m a planner, and so living in transition doesn’t mix well with me. And so when there are things, like moving dates, that I can’t control (no matter how hard I try!) I come up with lists of things I can control. Lists make me feel organized and like I’m making progress when all of life around me seems to be at a stand still.

Last week, I created a list. It’s a list of things that need to be done, I’d like to get done, and others just to fill the time in the waiting process.
Moving Overseas - Packing and Practical Advice | Flats to Lofts

Top on the list were things to organize, go through, and purge. It’s a bit early to start packing, but if I can have everything sorted out and know what is and isn’t going before we actually have to start packing, it will make the packing process much faster and less emotionally draining. We don’t have many earthly possessions at this point, so my main sorting has to do with books, clothes, and momentos or heirlooms. Just because I want my kids to have it one day doesn’t mean it needs to make this trek with me.

Beyond purging, there are some organizing items on the list. Transitions are always chaotic, at least in my life. I feel very overwhelmed when things are cluttered and disorganized, and clutter and disorganization are the name of the game when you move anywhere, but particularly when you move overseas! Some of that simply can’t be avoided and you add it up to a lesson in practicing patience and self-control. I’m hoping to shorten the effects of clutter and disorganization as much as possible. A few things I’m going to try to implement are some sort of “family binder” that I’ve seen all over Pinterest. I also plan on creating a functioning recipe book, stain chart (like Martha Stewart’s), and other handy print outs that infuse a sense of organization where there is none.

Sarabeth and I shared a room a lot growing up. I think it made us closer. Whenever we were told to clean our room, according to her, she would clean the room and I would reorganize a drawer. I imagine that is true. I still do that today! For me, cleaning and organizing go hand in hand. A room doesn’t feel clean if the drawers are a mess. And, I can handle a little clutter if it is organized . . . at least for a time. I’m hoping by implementing some practical organization into the waiting, packing, and transition of the upcoming months, I can finally learn from the errors of past moves and enjoy the next phase of life instead of being overwhelmed by everything that is out of my control!


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